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What types of offers are available on mobile?

September 14th, 2010 by Talya

There are all kinds of offers available on the mobile web and it is constantly expanding. Currently, most of the offers Sponsormob has are in the areas of mobile content (apps, downloads, etc.), gaming, and dating. But we are expecting to see a wider range of offers in the near future, especially in the travel and retail industries.

For example, Mobile Commerce Daily reported that Swanson Health Products, a large US retailer of vitamins and organic products, just launched a mobile web site where customers could purchase items via their mobile devices. This should definitely tell us that mobile is where retail is headed, if the health and wellness industry is already there. Companies are heading in the direction of the consumer, and consumers are doing more of their shopping via the mobile web.

We will definitely see more of this sort of movement during the upcoming months and years.