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What are Sponsormob’s advertiser’s commissions?

September 28th, 2010 by Talya

This is a question that we hear quite frequently, so let’s get the information out there. We actually do not have an official minimum commission amount for our transactions. When negotiating a commission with our advertisers, we usually ask them to tell us what a transaction is worth to them. This figure would be either a percentage of a sale or a minimum fee for a subscription. We then compare the suggested amount with similar deals and let the advertiser know if it is an appropriate payout for the transaction.

The only thing we do require a minimum commission for is iphone apps. That amount is currently set at $2. For everything else, there is no set minimum. We also do not, in most cases, require prepayments, so there is usually no money that has to be paid up front.

Any questions? Feel free to comment or email me at talya@sponsormob.com.