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How many leads/sales can Sponsormob generate?

September 29th, 2010 by Talya

(photo by dreamstime)

The number of sales that can be generated by a mobile campaign varies greatly from campaign to campaign and depends on a more than one factor, including: the product itself, how easy it is to purchase the product or download from a mobile site, and the like.

What we at Sponsormob can do is connect the right kinds of users to the advertisers’ products. What we can’t do is guarantee a certain number of sales for a company.

We do offer to run a test campaign to see what sort of results can be expected. Advertisers can then decide whether a campaign will likely be successful and move forward with us from there.

In any case, with our CPA model, money is paid only for successful leads or sales, and there is rarely money that is required up front. This means that there is minimal risk involved for the advertiser.