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Mobile and luxury goods

October 4th, 2010 by Talya

Here at Sponsormob, we like to keep up with the latest trends in the online market so that we know what is going on in the wide wide world of the internet, particularly the mobile internet. And as the person in charge of communications, it is up to me to keep everyone here informed of any big market news.

So what does this have to do with luxury goods, you might ask? Well, that’s just it. It seems that every day I read at least one, and usually two or three, articles about yet another luxury brand entering the mobile realm. The items being promoted range from luxury cars, to fashion, to everything in between. According to Luxury Daily, Rolls-Royce and Giorgio Armani both now have apps to promote their items. Even Grand Marnier, the famous  orange liqueur made in France, recently had a go at self-promotion via iphone and ipad apps. With their free app you can play games and find recipes based on the type of party/event you might be hosting (just in time for the holiday season!).

These companies and others are (wisely) tapping in to the growth of the mobile web and are primarily using it as a place for branding rather than direct selling. So for now you will probably still need to actually go out and buy your new Rolls-Royce or cognac, but in the future you will more than likely have the option of purchasing these goodies via your mobile phone. Now won’t that be nice?