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Social media and the mobile web

October 8th, 2010 by Talya

As we explore the growth of mobile web use, one area that is further proof of the expansion of the industry is social media. By social media, we’re talking about technologies or networks that allow for interaction between the user and others (if anyone wants to improve upon this definition, please do!). Think blogs, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc, …

The fact is, social media networks are exploding, and people are accessing these networks more frequently from the mobile web.

One of our favorite mobile news sources, Mobile Marketer, has just reported on the rapid rise of mobile bandwidth which they say is a result of increased social networking via mobile devices. Apparently most of the extra bandwidth is connected to YouTube videos accessed from mobile devices, as well as other interactive sites. We can therefore conclude that social networking sites are no longer optional for mobile, but something that users require.

I personally can understand this, because really, what good is a mobile device if you can’t keep up with friends and family via Facebook while you are out and about?