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Google Instant and web search

October 18th, 2010 by Talya

Google recently launched its new search engine, Google Instant. The search giant has basically changed from a search-after-you-type system to search-as-you type. The search engine predicts what you are going to type based on what has already been entered into the search box and and changes the results accordingly. Meaning that as you enter your search term as a search on Google, new words show up in the drop down box and change depending on which words or letters are being typed in.

So what is the impact of this change? Well, depending on whom you ask, either a lot or a little. While the actual impact of this on SEO will be shown only with time, some are saying that SEO has already been changed. Some fear that the since the change has increased search queries, SEO will be impossible, because people’s actions will change because of the search results listed (mThink). However, mThink also reports that even if searches change, the most relevant items will still rise to the top, as has always been the case in SEO.

We tend to agree with the idea that Google Instant will not dramatically change the search landscape and we are not worried that Google has forever changed the way people search and retrieve information online. Quality content will still be what determines which sites rise to the top.