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Sponsormob case study

October 20th, 2010 by Talya

Case studies are something else that we get asked about quite frequently. Unfortunately we don’t have the freedom to give out actual numbers showing the success of our advertisers’ campaigns (bummer, I know!). However, we can share general information regarding a mobile campaign, and here is one of our case studies:

One of our advertisers, Fox Mobile, is a leading provider of mobile content, music, and apps. Their objective earlier this year was to see a significant increase in subscription sales growth in the German market. We implemented campaigns for several Fox subscription products and we targeted smart phone users of German network carriers. We were approached by Fox Mobile in April of this year. The campaigns were then launched in May, and by June 2010, the company saw a significant increase in sales per month.

As always, you are free to contact us with questions about us or advertising on the mobile web (such as the where, the why, and the how, etc,).