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What makes a good banner for the mobile web?

October 21st, 2010 by Talya

Placing banners on the mobile internet is somewhat different from putting up traditional web banners. In the traditional online world, you have a large screen with ample space to work with and a variety of banner sizes. With mobile advertising the interface is much different, mainly because of the screen size. There is must less space to work with on mobile devices, so the ads must be small and compact.

To make good banners for the mobile web, there are three important things to consider:

1. Size – the banner must be able to display clearly on the screen of a mobile device (see our specifications in the box below: there are four standard sizes that will fit the various mobile devices)

2. Avoid using flash files – this is because many iphones do not display flash

3. Images only – only using images works best in the limited amount of space (animated GIF is ok for this as well)

As a final note, advertisers usually provide us with their own banners, but we can also create custom banners for your company if necessary. Just ask!