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How many clicks/ad impressions does Sponsormob have?

October 25th, 2010 by Talya


(photo by dreamstime)

Overall, Sponsormob has over 500 million ad impressions per month worldwide, and the number is on the rise as our network grows (but exact figures vary from month to month, so it is 500 million give or take a few!). In general, mobile traffic is suspected to double each year, with growth rates at approximately 5-10% per month. Of course, ad impressions will continue to grow as mobile traffic increases.

The specifics vary, however. Where the ad impressions are depends on whether we are looking at carrier traffic or WIFI traffic. It also depends on the country where the traffic is. We have traffic worldwide, but right now our strongest markets are in German and English speaking countries, so that is where most of our impressions are found. The US is one of our biggest markets, and we expect it to continue to expand as mobile keeps growing.