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The mobile web and dating

October 27th, 2010 by Talya

So it appears that more and more people are finding (or at least trying to find) that ‘special someone’ via the mobile web. With the growth of mobile web usage in general, this shouldn’t be surprising. Should it? People are on the web via their mobile device all the time; they are shopping, gaming, checking weather updates and more, so it only makes sense that users are also looking for love through the mobile web.

What is interesting are the actual numbers. According to a study by ComScore cited in Mobile Marketer, Europe saw a 52% increase in mobile dating site traffic between June 2009 and June 2010. Of all the people visiting mobile dating sites, the largest single group are males aged 25-34 (again, makes sense, as their are still more men than women using the mobile web). Of all Europeans, the Italians are leading the trend toward mobile dating, and the Spaniards are right behind them. Surprised? I’m not.

But Europe isn’t the only place seeing an  increase in mobile dating. The US mobile dating scene has also been growing steady. Tech Crunch refers to a Ground Truth study reporting that during the summer of 2010 Flirtomatic – a London based mobile social network – passed the 3 million user mark this September, and one third of these users are located in the United States. The study also reveals that during this season it surpassed the traditional online dating leaders match.com and eHarmony.

Here at Sponsormob mobile dating offers are not an insignificant number of our offers overall, so we can verify that the mobile dating scene is active and growing both here in Europe and elsewhere.