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FAQs from Affiliates – Geo-targeting

November 2nd, 2010 by Talya

Some of the most frequently asked questions by our affiliates are about geo-targeting, so let’s explore some of these questions here:

1. Why do I see a different offer when I click on a certain URL?

This has to do with the locations of the URLs and only applies to accounts where geo-targeting is activated. When an affiliate in one country (let’s say the US), clicks on a URL in another country (let’s say Germany), then the offer will automatically be directed towards an offer in the user’s country (so in this case it would be directed back to an offer in the US). It is essentially rerouted so that it goes to the place where the user is located.

2. Admob rejected my ad, because the description didn’t match the landing page. Why did this happen?

The answer here is similar to the answer we have for our first question. In order for a network to accept an ad, the landing page has to be directed to the same country where the URL is sent. Be sure that the URL for your ad and the landing page match up.

3. Can geo-targeting be activated for individual campaigns?

No, geo-targeting can only be activated for the entire account.

4. Can the settings for geo-targeting be changed later, or are they set at what I put them now?

Yes, the settings you create for geo-targeting can be changed later, this is not a problem.

For further information or questions related to affiliates, please feel free to contact our affiliate manager, Jenny Ibsch – jenny@sponsormob.com.