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FAQs from Affiliates – Offers

November 3rd, 2010 by Talya

So the second set of our most frequently asked questions has to do with the offers we here at Sponsormob have. So let’s look at all questions offers and see how we can help:

1. Where can I find offers?

Once you are logged into our system, the offers should be easy to find. They are the second item listed on the page, so they are actually hard to miss.

2. I am logged in and don’t see any offers. The list is empty, why is this?

For new affiliates who have just had their account approved, it can take some time (usually up to one hour) for the system to update and list the offers. So if you have just been approved, give it a little bit of time and then check back later. If that still doesn’t work, please contact us.

3. What is the difference between web and wap offers?

Web offers are for the traditional web and wap offers are optimized for mobile devices.

4. Why is some of the EPC data incomplete?

If the offer is still very new then there may not be any information yet to show.

5. Why do I have clicks/sales for offers that I am not even running?

This has to do with geo-targeting again. Basically, if geo-targeting is turned on, then users who click on a URL that is not in their location will be sent to a corresponding offer elsewhere.

6. I recently saw an interesting offer somewhere. Can you add it to your list of offers?

Yes, this is something we can look into. We are happy to run new offers, so please get in touch with us!

7. I’ve generated quite a few impressions/clicks but no sales. Why is this?

This could be because the offers are not on the right settings. Make sure to check the reports and see that the settings are correct. If you are still having trouble or have questions, please contact your account manager.

8. How often are statistics updated?

Our system updates sales information on an hourly basis.

9. Will my account automatically be credited with sales, or do I need to request updates?

This is done automatically.

All right, so we hope this helps clear up a few of the common issues that affiliates face. As always, please contact our affiliate manager, Jenny Ibsch, if necessary – jenny@sponsormob.com