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FAQs from Affiliates – Tax ID/VAT, data safety, restrictions

November 4th, 2010 by Talya

As you can see, we get a lot of questions, so here we are (yet again!) answering some more of the most common questions that come from affiliates. We hope that our affiliates (and anyone else who might be curious about the mobile web) find this helpful!

1. Why do I have to enter a tax ID/VAT number when I apply for an affiliate account?

This is information we are required by European law to have from our partners. For those who do not have a European VAT number or who are not set up as a business with a tax ID, then it is perfectly ok to use your social security number in place of the tax ID. But if you are located within Europe, then a VAT number is necessary. You can apply for this number for free in your home country, and it should not be all that complicated a process.

2. Is my personal and business information safe with Sponsormob?

Yes, it sure is. Our partners’ information is only for internal purposes and is not forwarded to any third parties.

3. In “Restrictions” it says that iOS is allowed, but the creative name says that iPhones are not allowed. What is the deal?

This is something in our system that will be changed, but for now be sure to go by what is at the top of the offer description (usually under “creatives“). If it says that iPhones are not allowed, then this is the case. Feel free to contact your account manager if you are uncertain about this. We are always glad to help.

4. Can we also work via Server-Tracking or API?

Certainly! We can connect our server and to an affiliate’s server, so that affiliates can track sales through their own system without having to log into ours. Please contact your account manager and this can be set up.