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FAQs from Affiliates – Sales

November 5th, 2010 by Talya

Time for today’s list of questions that we hear from our affiliates. These questions are regarding sales that are generated by affiliates – codes, payouts, and the like.

1. Are the codes in my account really just for me?

Yes, they are your unique affiliate codes. Your publisher ID is included in your codes for tracking purposes; this enables us to give you credit for sales that you generate.

2. How does Sponsormob guarantee that sales will actually be credited to my account?

The codes in your URLs are set with your publisher ID and keep track of sales that you generate, so you can be sure that your sales are accounted for.

3. Why are some sales in “pending” status?

Advertisers sometimes keep sales in pending status for a certain length of time (exactly how long depends on the advertiser and can range from 7 days to 90 days, depending on their policy). This is usually done to ensure that the purchase actually goes through, and that the user has funds to cover it. Once it is cleared by the advertiser, the sale will then be confirmed and credit given to you.

4. Why have some sales in my account been deleted?

Sometimes a pending sale is unable to be confirmed, and it then gets deleted. This usually happens because there were not sufficient funds to cover the sale, making it unable to be confirmed by the advertiser.

Only rarely is a “confirmed” sale deleted, and this usually happens if the advertiser discovers the transaction was fraudulent. In this case, your account manager will contact you personally to explain the situation.

5. Where can I see if I have generated any sales?

Affiliates can find all information concerning their sales and campaigns in our reports, which are found when they log in to our system.

As always, please contact our Affiliate Manager, Jenny Ibsch (jenny@sponsormob.com), if any of this is unclear or you have further questions.