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FAQs from Affiliates – account questions

November 8th, 2010 by Talya

Today we’ll explore common questions regarding account set-up, codes, payouts, and the like.

1. Why are payouts in different currencies? Some are in US dollars, while others are in Euros, Australian dollars.

The currency of the payout depends entirely upon the advertiser, and it usually corresponds to where the company is based and where the users are.

2. When is commission paid out to affiliates?

We send our affiliates their commission at the beginning of each month. Most affiliates will be paid only once a month, but in very rare cases it is possible for an affiliate to receive their commission twice monthly. However, this is uncommon and usually depends on volume.

3. Is there a minimum payout for affiliates?

The minimum commission amount to be paid out can be found in our terms and conditions and is currently set at 50 Euros. This means that in order to receive payment from us, there has to be a minimum amount of 50 Euros in the account. If that minimum has not be reached for the month, then it will stay in the affiliate’s account and be paid out as soon as the minimum is met.

4. Is it possible to get higher payouts than what I am getting now?

Higher commission is something that is negotiable once an affiliate has large volumes of sales funneling through our network. This is dealt with on a case-by-case basis and depends on the offer itself and volume of sales that is being generated.

5. Is it possible to get paid by check?

No, we can not issue payouts by check, as we are located in the EU and this method of payment is not practical for us.

6. Do you have a referral program?

No, this is something we are not offering right now.

If any of this is unclear or further information is needed, remember to contact your account manager or our affiliate manager, Jenny Ibsch (jenny@sponsormob.com).