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Best times of the day for mobile advertising

November 11th, 2010 by Talya

Adfonic, a European based mobile advertising marketplace, just released a report showing real-time reporting details from their network. The report compares mobile web use and traditional internet usage. The results show that most people access the mobile web during the times when online traffic slows down, and the numbers seem to show that advertisers may be missing out on some good opportunities to market.

The hourly click patterns Adfonic gives show that mobile web use begins around 6 p.m. and peaks around midnight. Adfonic asserts that people are using their smartphones to surf the web in place of reading a book before going to bed at night, and that people are also browsing the mobile web during commercials when watching television in the evenings (Adfonic via RealWire).

A second time that appears to be busy is the early morning hours. It seems that users are turning on their mobile phones first thing in the morning, before turning on a computer or heading off to work. This interesting report shows that brands are missing out on peak times and are not fully using the capability of the mobile internet. If this is the case (and we believe it is), then there remains a large amount of advertising potential that is still very much untapped. Mobile users are a very targetable market, and this report shows that there are gaps in the times where traditional advertising is effective that can be filled with mobile advertising.

Details of their report can be found here.