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Mobile advertising in Africa – a large and growing market

November 16th, 2010 by Talya

A recent study by InMobi, a mobile advertising firm, and comScore, reveals that the mobile advertising scene in Africa is strong and a place where both advertisers and publishers can benefit greatly. The study gathered information from 2,500 consumers in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria. The results show us that 69% of Africans are either somewhat or very comfortable with mobile advertising, which is higher than the 61% they have found in the US and Europe (MobileMarketingWatch).The study also shows that men are generally more receptive to mobile ads than women, but again, there is a higher percentage of women open to mobile in these African nations than in the US and Europe.

Of the mobile consumers who were polled, 45% of them use mobile to “find new information,” followed by those who are on their mobiles for entertainment purposes (MobileMarketingWatch). Furthermore, consumers want a relevant message more than they want discounts or free content, which is interesting and something that should be noted. The calls to action that were well accepted in the study were click-to-call (30% of the results), followed by social media (24%) and then content and search (MobileMarketingWatch).

The implications of this study are that mobile is a great place for advertisers to connect with consumers in Africa, in particular those advertising to women. For publishers, the interest in mobile presents them with a fantastic opportunity to profit from the popularity of mobile, especially those who jump in the game now. Mobile users in Africa are also clearly looking for value and authenticity, so advertisers need to be aware of this by offering consumers something of value.