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Mobile web growth in Asia

November 18th, 2010 by Talya

This week we have already looked at web growth in Africa as well as the current state of the mobile web in Germany, so now we are going to focus our direction somewhat eastward, looking at mobile web growth in Asian nations. We touched on this briefly in our post on the hot markets for mobile, but Asia has such tremendous potential that it merits a closer look.

An article by mobiThinking earlier this year explored web growth in Asia, and we are going to take a look at why it appears that mobile web growth in Asia can only keep growing. First, the size of Asia is massive – Asia is the most populous continent on ear and has the highest population of any other regions. Asia’s population is also growing at the highest rate of anywhere in the world, and more people means more mobile phone users (ok, that sounds a bit silly and simplistic, but is true, right?).

Brand engagement is also a huge part of the mobile puzzle in Asia. Large, global companies tend to find the reach that mobile has in Asia very attractive. This, coupled with the fact that barriers such as network limitations and other issues don’t seem to be holding Asia back, mean that brands will continue to expand in this region. Mobile use is also very attractive because flat-rate plans are affordably priced, so that may people can access the mobile web inexpensively.

The lack of PC use in developing nations is another  indication of the growth in mobile use that we will consider to see in Asia. Infrastructure tends to be less developed in Asian countries, so mobile is an easy and fast way to be connected to the world wide web. Demand also plays into this – since mobile is more accessible than traditional Internet, the demand is therefore higher as well. MobiThinking makes an interesting point in its article by saying that “mobile has much more power to transform lives” in developing nations than in developed countries. This is so true, and we may even see the younger generations in Asia grow up empowered by something as relatively simple as a mobile device. How cool is that?