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OfferMobi the first CPA network?

November 25th, 2010 by Talya

OfferMobi claims to be the first CPA network for the mobile web, as well as the first US-based CPA network. To be fair, Offermobi seems to say the latter more often than the former, but on the about page on their corporate website, it says that Offermobi is “the first affiliate network for the mobile web”. This is also mentioned on other sites I have seen, such as AffiliatePaying.

But this is not likely. The network was formed fairly recently, in April of this year, 2010. Linkshare has already been doing this for some time (I believe since 1996, according to the company’s LinkedIn profile but you can’t really find this information on LinkShare’s website).  Additionally, we at Sponsormob have been active as a mobile CPA network since 2007, and others have been around longer as well. Another network, Mobpartner, was also already in operation before OfferMobi hit the scene.

As far as Offermobi’s other claim of being the first CPA network for mobile based in the United States, there is actually some truth to that. But from what we can tell, OfferMobi does not have its own tracking technology, which is a key element for an affiliate network.

But Offermobi is not the only one out there claiming to be something they may not actually be. Mobpartner, based in France, also claims to be the first network for mobile. Their website’s about page tells us that their company, Texomobile, was founded in 2005. If true, this means that they are older than all of us and therefore the senior members of the mobile network club.

However, the domain history for Mobpartner.com shows that it has only been in use since 2007, which is two years after the date which they claim to have been founded (we checked our own domain history to be sure that the records were accurate –  and the dates we found did correspond with the start of our company). Considering that we are all in online marketing, where it is difficult to operate without a live website, we’ll let you fill in the blanks as to what that might possibly mean about when Mobpartner actually became operational.

In short, all of us in the early stages of mobile marketing want to be able to claim that we were the first network for mobile. It’s human nature to want to be first, and that’s ok. But let’s not stretch the truth to make us sound more impressive than we actually are. Instead of being worried about being the first to get in on the action, we should be more focused on being or becoming the best network for mobile. And really, as long as you are making your publishers and your advertisers more successful, does it really matter who was the first to get into this business? We don’t think so.

But that won’t stop us from reaching for excellence and giving the occasional reminder that we were actually the first CPA network for the mobile web! 😉