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Mobile shopping Christmas 2010

December 10th, 2010 by Talya

According to the Mobile Marketing Association, mobile is changing the way Europeans do Christmas. Their article gives the results of the most recent Mobile Consumer Briefing, which was based on surveys from October 2010. The results give updates on how Europeans plan to incorporate mobile devices into their shopping experience this holiday season. The study included a survey of consumers from the UK, Germany, and France and revealed some interesting information.

First, that 67% of respondents plan on using the mobile device for Christmas shopping and organizing Christmas celebrations this year (not including phone calls). Of those users, over a quarter of them plan to use their mobiles more this year than last year. Twenty-five percent of users plan to use their mobiles to get ideas for Christmas gifts, and over ten percent plan to actually use their mobile phones to pay for Christmas gifts this year. Of those who plan to pay via mobile, only 5% were in France, with 16% in the UK and 14% in Germany.

These numbers reveal that mobile is going to play a larger role in Christmas traffic and shopping this year than last, and armed with this information, advertisers should plan accordingly, incorporating mobile into their holiday marketing efforts. Many companies, especially those in luxury goods (think Cartier), are already running campaigns on mobile devices and will continue throughout the holidays. And companies who aren’t yet leveraging mobile for their advertising should seriously consider it.