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Sponsormob 2010 Recap

December 17th, 2010 by Talya

2010, what many call the year of mobile, has been a great year for mobile marketing, as well as a great year for Sponsormob ! It has been a busy year of growth here at Sponsormob, but we are looking forward to a great 2011. This past year has been a year of changes and expansion for us, such as …

  • company expansion, with several new staff members coming on board (Johannes Zimmermann, Stephan Mengel, Verena Witkowski, Katherina Krenkel, Sergio Morato, Talya Shoup Burnett)
  • Jet Patel relocated to Berlin from Singapore to begin working here full time; Jet is now in charge of operations for us here at Sponsormob
  • moved to a great new office on Monbijouplatz in central Berlin

We also added new features to our network

  • offered new tracking features, which we announced at ad:tech San Francisco 2010
  • started promoting¬† iPhone apps
  • grew our offer basis in terms of number of offers as well as the number of countries where our offers are run
  • gained reach with new affiliates and larger publishers

So for us at Sponsormob, 2010 has been a successful year. As the year ends, we look forward to more exciting changes and growth in 2011!