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Google Instant for mobile

December 20th, 2010 by Talya

We have already discussed the changes that Google made this past fall to search queries with their launch of Google Instant. Apparently those changes have also come to mobile. The change to searching on Google may actually be helpful, as users will likely be able to find what they are looking for without having to type out entire words. It seems to make sense, as users can likely find what they are searching for before they type out an entire phrase or word.

According to the Google Mobile Team, Google Instant for mobile was launched in beta in November, and the official launch was earlier this month. Google Instant displays not only the predictions of what should be typed, but the actual search results as well. Google also claims that searches should be faster now as a result of AJAX and HTML 5 implementation, which updates the page with new results, without the page having to upload again in order to do so (Google Mobile Team).

There are drawbacks,  as Google Instant as of yet reportedly only runs on Android 2.2 devices and iPods and iPhones running iOS 4 in the US in English (Google Mobile Team). And for those who are not convinced that Google Instant is helpful, it is possible to disable it by clicking “turn off” link on the same page.