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Why small businesses should ‘go mobile’

January 5th, 2011 by Talya

Mobile marketing isn’t just for the big players anymore. While small businesses may be overwhelmed by stepping into a world that is relatively new, mobile isn’t just for the big boys. Companies who don’t yet have the name recognition of a big brand name can still profit from advertising on the mobile web. Considering the number of people using mobile devices grows every year and that there may soon be more mobile users than desktop internet users, mobile advertising is becoming essential for growth in today’s business world.

Small businesses owners can enter the mobile web either by creating a mobile-friendly web site or by developing their own app. A mobile website is a good start and will position businesses to be in a place where they can be found by the many people who are already spending more time on their mobile device than in front of a PC. Currently, some mobile companies do better than others, and travel related sites, game sites, and dating sites are doing very well. However, there is growth in other areas as well, including finance/banking, education, retail shopping, and more.

Businesses who want to take the next step may even develop their own app, as the developers of the Mobile Payroll app did (Inc.).  Companies are developing apps as a part of their services and are seeing app usage continues to grow in popularity (more on the growth of apps here). And as we are seeing, apps are becoming big business, as apps are being created for virtually anything you can imagine.

So for those who are in business already and have not been active in the mobile web, now is a good time to consider creating a website that can be viewed on mobile sites as well. Mobile advertising is big and getting bigger. Why miss out on all the action?