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Growth of mobile useage in the Middle East

January 17th, 2011 by Talya

According to InMobi, middle eastern countries are keeping up with global trends when it comes to mobile device usage in general. A study published by InMobi studied mobile trends in the Middle East between July and October 2010 and reveals some interesting findings.

First, they confirmed that Nokia devices still account for nearly half (45%) of all mobile devices. They also found that 40% of total impressions are on smartphones, which is significantly higher than the worldwide average of 45% (Wireless Federation). The iPhone also gained 18 points of market share within the period, although this was due in part to Inmobi activity in key areas.

Mobile ad impressions also grew 51% in the three-month period, reaching 752 million ad impressions per month. The report shows that if current growth remains steady, the Middle East will soon account for 1 billion monthly impressions. With a large population and many young people who are mobile-friendly, the region will be a good place for mobile advertising in the near and distant future.