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More about Sponsormob at Affiliate Summit West 2011

January 18th, 2011 by Talya

We already published a brief post on our Affiliate Summit West trip this year, but we had such a great time at the event that we wanted to share more details.

Highlights of ASW Las Vegas

First, the lights went out several times during the Meet Market (we think someone must have been leaning against the light switch!). This made things interesting, and we were happy to have our practical little flashlights as giveaways. When the entire exhibition hall was in complete darkness, the Sponsormob booth was bright withe LED lights.

Second, the event has seriously progressed. This year we noticed many more large companies and big brands than at previous Affiliate Summits, which shows that affiliate marketing is no longer simply a niche business, but a mainstream industry.This is impressive and we are excited about where the industry is headed!

Finally, we made a lot of contacts. And not just any contacts, but quality individuals and companies we are looking forward to working with.

So for us, Affiliate Summit West was definitely worth the long flight and the jet lag involved in getting from Europe to the American west, and we are looking forward with great expectation to Affiliate Summit New York!

Pictures of the event can be viewed on Flickr.