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Introducing Ad Zones

January 21st, 2011 by Peter

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce a new technical feature for our affiliates.

Ad zones allow Sponsormob affiliates to create a pool of creatives. When using an ad zone code we send users to the best-matching landing page according to factors such as location, carrier, and device. If a zone does not contain any creatives our system will automatically choose one from our entire inventory of offers.

Ad zones allow affiliates of Sponsormob to run a pool of creatives with just one tracking code. That helps accomplishing the following things:

1. Affiliates can create groups of offers and join creatives that promote the same product but are valid for different countries, carriers, handset etc.
2. If affiliates wish to replace one offer by the other they do not have to replace the codes in their traffic sources. They can manage the switchover from the Sponsormob system just with a few clicks.
3. Affiliates can create one link and let Sponsormob send users to the best-matching landing page. That lets their ads run on autopilot.

Good luck!