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New publisher referral program from Sponsormob

January 31st, 2011 by Talya

Another recent update from our network is our new publisher referral system. Sponsormob affiliates can now earn lifelong revenue from publishers who join our network based on their referral. Just as with ad zones, several of our publishers have been requesting a referral system like this, and we are happy to be able to provide this to them.

So just what is this new referral system? The publisher referral system is a revenue-sharing system that rewards affiliates for referring new publishers to us. When a new publisher signs up to our network through our tracking link, the referring publisher receives lifelong commission on all traffic generated by the referred publisher, as well as from that of other publishers they refer (and yes, we did say lifelong). This commission – 2.5% of confirmed sales – is paid out in addition to the payouts the publisher generates on his or her own. In addition, our system supports multi-level profit sharing, so publishers benefit not only from those whom they personally referred, but also from those whom their referred publishers sign up (example: Publisher A refers Publisher B, and Publisher B then refers Publisher C – Publisher A earns commission both on the earnings of Publishers B and C, in addition to their own payouts).

How does it work? Our publisher referral system is actually quite simple. Here it is:

  1. A referring publisher sends a unique tracking link to a new publisher.
  2. The new publisher signs up to the Sponsormob network via this tracking link (this is an important step, as direct linking to our sign-up page will not track the referral).
  3. Once the new publisher generates sales (and refers other publishers to our network), the referring publisher receives 2.5% commission for those transactions, in addition to their own payouts.

Things to consider. While we do count the sign-ups of referred publishers, we only pay for confirmed transactions. Commissions are then paid at the beginning of the month based on transactions from the previous month. Also, in order to receive commissions with our publisher referral system, a publisher’s pricing must be set to either a CPA or a CPL model.

We are excited to have this feature available for our affiliates and help them succeed further! For more details on the publisher referral program, feel free to post in the comment section or contact our affiliate manager, Jenny Ibsch – jenny@sponsormob.com.