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The growing popularity of Ebooks

March 29th, 2011 by Talya

A recent article in engadget shows that Ebook sales in the US have more than doubled since last year. And while Ebook sales are rising, the sales of regular books have been declining – hardcovers are down roughly 11% and paperbacks almost 20%. Other stats show that by July of 2010, Ebooks had already outsold hardcover books on Amazon. Seeing as Borders recently announced bankruptcy and that other large retails are struggling, it is time that we fully embrace digital books.

We don’t think that paper and pen will ever completely disappear, but it is interesting to see the advancement of Ebooks in the last couple of years. Five years ago Ebooks existed, but seemed to be more of an oddity, something still relatively unheard of by the masses. However, numbers don’t lie, and the numbers seem to be showing us that Ebooks are no longer simply a novelty.

Of course, the popularity of smartphones, tables, and Ebook readers such as Amazon’s Kindle,  certainly influenced (or perhaps just proven) the popularity of Ebooks. This shouldn’t surprise us, considering the prevalence of mobile devices. In today’s fast, compact world, consumers would clearly rather carry a lightweight electronic device capable of holding thousands of books, rather than cumbersome books. And it’s hard to blame them.