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Interesting stats on app usage

April 12th, 2011 by Talya

A recent study by analytics service provider Localytics shows that app users are both very loyal and very fickle – all at the same time. How is this? Well, the numbers reveal that 26% of smartphone and tablet owners will download a new app and look at it only once. The same percentage of users will also use an app more then 10 times (and many even hundreds of times) in the months following the download. That means that half of app downloads fall somewhere in between the two extremes of being looked at once and then ignored, or being used several times over. The data analyzed was that of Q3 app downloads from thousands of devices. Device models included Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7.

So what is interesting about this study? Well, it shows that about a quarter of those who download an app aren’t all that faithful to said app, using it once and moving on, most likely to the next interesting app out there. But it also reveals that the same number of users become very loyal, using the same app over and over in the months following the initial download. The challenge for developers and publishers is to create and promote apps that will engage the users enough to turn them into loyal users who access the app more (and hopefully much more!) than once. This is especially important for developers who want to advertise within their free apps – their goal will be to attract customers from the loyal quarter of users.