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Mobile job searches

April 27th, 2011 by Talya

Classified ads in newspapers and job sites on the internet are no longer the only places for the unemployed to find work. Apparently job seekers are beginning to look more to the mobile internet to find employment than before (not surprising!).  MobileMarketingWatch reports that the network of mobile applications at Beyond.com, a niche career community site, recently reached one million downloads. Beyond.com considers itself the world’s largest network of niche career communities and offers job seekers the ability to view job listings from their mobile device (MobileMarketingWatch). The article points out that being able to quickly check the latest job offers and updates keeps job seekers ahead of the game, giving them the opportunity to jump in and apply for jobs before the the competition, which makes perfect sense.

Of course, beyond.com is not the only online job database with a mobile app. Monster.com also makes its job searches available through its own Monster Mobile app, and other job-related websites are following suit. This shows us once again that the mobile web proves to be a practical medium for things to happen.

This is just another example of how we are seeing the mobile web solve problems for people. We love it!