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Shopping with mobile devices

May 4th, 2011 by Talya

Last Christmas, the Mobile Marketing Association showed us that about 10% of Europeans would be doing their Christmas shopping via mobile. This year, studies indicate that even more people are shopping from their mobile devices, and not only during the holiday season. MobileMarketing reports  that the number of mobile shoppers in the UK is growing steadily. Their article reveals that while 42% of consumers in the United Kingdom still prefer shopping at actual, physical stores, nearly one third (30%) are comfortable with shopping from their mobile devices (MobileMarketing). In the report, 28% of consumers would rather shop from their PC or laptop. While the margin between mobile and traditional online shopping wasn’t huge, there are still clearly more people who would rather shop “from their pocket” than while sitting in front of a computer.

Interestingly, the results of this study also reveal what people are purchasing via their mobile devices, and here are the top three movers:

  1. Mobile content /games (39%)
  2. Travel (12%)
  3. Apparel (10%)

This is in line with other stats on mobile usage that we have seen, and smart retailers are paying attention to these numbers and getting into mobile now if they haven’t done so. At the recent Mobile Shopping Summit, the business development manager of the clothing line Gap discussed the potential of mobile for retailers and announced that his company would be increasing their budget for mobile advertising in the next year (Mobile Marketer).

So once again we see proof of the continuing maturation and influence of the mobile web. We will continue to see that with the increasing number of mobile shoppers out there, lies immense opportunity for advertisers and retailers to benefit from the medium.