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The Royal Wedding on Mobile

May 6th, 2011 by Talya

Although it is hard to believe, roughly one third of the world’s population reportedly watched last week’s  marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton, according to ABC. It appears that the world didn’t turn on that day or in the days and weeks before the wedding, as royal-wedding-mania seemed to take over all large media outlets. We have to admit, we caught a bit of the bug here at Sponsormob as well and kept the wedding coverage on during the day. Our new UK Business Development Manager, who is from England, was especially happy to be able to see what was happening back home …

Many of those watching The Royal Wedding were also on their mobile devices as well, keeping up with friends and family as the wedding ceremony unfolded (including the aforementioned Business Development Manager, who updated us regularly with news from those in London for the event!). What is interesting is that there weren’t just a few people sending messages via their mobiles. According to Sybase, a mobile commerce service, there was a 600% increase in combined SMS/MMS messaging traffic between the US and UK markets during the time of the wedding ceremony and subsequent celebrations. Apparently the number of text messages sent beat out the number of messages usually sent on Valentine’s Day,  which is one of the leading messaging days most years. The only day it failed to beat was New Year’s Day, when the total number of messages in the UK skyrockets (FierceMobileContent).

In light of the huge interest in the wedding, we can probably all say that we are glad it’s over, right?