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Mobile ads and action

May 23rd, 2011 by Talya

A recent report from Google shows us that the majority of users exposed to mobile ads take action after seeing the ads. The report reveals findings from a study of smartphone users at the end of 2010 (search engine land). Several interesting patterns were shown, reinforcing what we already know to be true about mobile internet usage and further proving that advertising on the mobile web works.

Mobile internet usage at home

It is not only while on the go that people are accessing the mobile internet. According to the report, 93% of people use their smartphones while at home. Of those who are at home, the majority of them are on their mobiles while “consuming other media,” such as while watching TV. Interestingly, over a third of these at-home mobile internet users (39%) even admitted to taking their mobile phones with them to the bathroom as well (a bit strange, but true!).

Action taken

Google says those doing mobile searches on their devices are the most likely to complete an action nine out of ten users, according to their report, “take action as a result of a mobile search, with over half of them leading to purchases” (search engine land).

Of those searching on the mobile web, the following categories show what is being searched for:

  • News (57%)
  • Dining (51%)
  • Entertainment (49 %)
  • Shopping (47 %)
  • Technology (32 %)
  • Travel (31%)
  • Finance (26 %)
  • Automotive (17 %)

Smartphone users and advertising

One of the key parts of the report reveals that smartphone users are actually quite responsive to advertising. The survey results show that over 80% of smartphone users exposed to ads actually noticed the ads. Even more interesting is that half of those who viewed the ads also responded by taking action.

After seeing the ads, a variety of actions were taken, including the following:

  • 42 % clicked on the ad
  • 27 % contacted the business
  • 35 % went to a related website
  • 49 % made a purchase

So as we see, ads on the mobile internet are noticeable and convincing enough to cause users to respond with action.