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Sponsormob’s experience at iGaming

June 1st, 2011 by Talya

Sponsormob’s COO, Jet Patel, attended the recent iGaming Super Show in Dublin, Ireland. The show was good, but unfortunately another volcano in Iceland acted up at the same time as the event, causing several flights in the region to be delayed. Because of this, there didn’t seem to be as much traffic at the event as at the other iGaming event we attended, which was the London Affiliate Conference.

But despite unruly weather,  it was very clear at the event that companies are becoming more interested in mobile advertising. Jet met several leaders of the gaming industry at the iGaming Super Show, and according to him, many are “realizing the huge potential in mobile and getting their priorities in order to really push this channel.” This is certainly what we like to hear! And we look forward to attending future iGaming events, the next one being the Barcelona Affiliate Conference.