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Health and the mobile internet

June 14th, 2011 by Talya

The health industry appears to be quickly advancing their activity in the mobile internet. From what we are seeing, this includes traditional healthcare, health insurance providers, personal health tools, and even non-traditional healthcare companies. And apps seem to be playing the biggest role in the mobile health industry.

According to mHealth, mobile phones may actually help keep high blood pressure under control (MobileMarketingWatch). In a recent study, patients with high blood pressure were given mobile phones with remote blood pressure monitoring technology, and the result was that blood pressure was kept in check better with these patients than for those who were simply given a home blood pressure monitor. The mobile phones had a telemonitoring component which relayed changes to the patient’s physicians, allowing them to be alerted to critical changes. Knowing that changes in pressure were being sent to their doctors kept the patients more accountable than those who simply had a home monitoring system in which they had to report changes to their doctors on their own. In addition to blood pressure monitoring, apps are being used for stroke diagnosis as well, so it is extremely likely that the clinical use of apps will continue to rise (MobileMarketingWatch).

In addition to clinical uses of apps, the mobile web is also being used to help consumers make better medical decisions by being more informed via the web and apps. One example is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, an American health insurance provider. After making its mobile optimized site available to members and non-members, Blue Cross Blue Shield developed apps for iPhone and Android. With their apps, users can be sent weather and health-related alerts, including pollen and UV levels – all of which can help allergy and asthma sufferers to be informed and plan their day and activities accordingly (Mobile Marketer).

As we see the mobile web develop, we will likely be hearing more about ways the mobile internet and apps can keep you healthier …