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App Day Köln 2011

July 29th, 2011 by Talya
App Day

Exhibition floor at App Day Köln

This week our CEO, Peter Glaeser, and I visited Köln (Cologne) to attend the third annual App Day. The event is meant to be a place for app developers and marketers to connect, and this was our first time attending. While we usually have several good things to say about the events we attend, this one was a disappointment for us. And considering that we woke up earlier than should be legal to take a five-hour train ride to Cologne for the event, it was a big disappointment.

So just what was wrong with App Day? For starters, it was small. Very small. Their website claimed that 350 participants had registered to attend the event, but from what we could tell there were no more than 100 people there at any given time. To be fair, small events don’t have to be bad. For example, Buzzness Mobile in Paris was on the small side of events compared to others we attend, but it was still a productive event for us. But we felt that saying that 350 were expected and having significantly few attendees is disappointing.

The event was also poorly organized. There was no coat check, so we were forced to carry our bags with us, which made networking with the few people who were there difficult. There was also only a handful of exhibitors, and of those who were present, one was really engaging. We held out hope for a couple of the speaking sessions, but unfortunately the one we most wanted to attend was completely full, with no seats or standing room (and although there was a nearly empty room nearby which was also part of the event, somehow changing rooms to accommodate more listeners was not considered).

Needless to say, we did not spend much time at the event. After making a couple of new contacts and catching up with the few people we knew at App Day, we ended up idling away the afternoon more or less with coffee, shopping, and a climb up the Cologne Cathedral until it was time for our train back to Berlin. Not a horrible day, but certainly not one of the most productive for our business!