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Mobile as the first true mass media

August 26th, 2011 by Talya

An interesting quote in Millenial Media’s Q2 SMART Report caught my eye recently. In it, Paul Gelb of marketing agency Razorfish, says:

“Mobile is the first truly mass media. There are over three times the number of mobile subscribers as there are TV subscribers. Globally, it’s the most adopted technology and media channel in history. The engagement rates are higher. And inventory, thanks to a 24-hour access to users, is unmatched.”

Whether he is actually right about mobile being the first true form of “mass media” is debatable, but he makes a very good point. Mobile has brought more media engagement with it than ever before, and with the seemingly endless growth of the mobile web which we talk about frequently, this interaction is certain to grow. He is also right about the inventory on the mobile web. And apparently, as display ad spend is set to surpass that of TV ad spend, he may really be on to something.

If nothing else, the fact that mobile may be the first real form of mass media is food for thought. We would love to hear your opinions. Is mobile truly the first form of mass media?