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The takeover of mobile display ads

September 8th, 2011 by Talya

It is no secret that the mobile internet is growing in regions all around the world at a pretty amazing rate. But sometimes it’s interesting to see numbers that show us just how massive mobile advertising is becoming, especially when compared to other forms of advertising. Recent studies on mobile advertising spend show that mobile marketing is on its way to take over traditional online spend and possibly even TV ad spend.

A report published by Flurry shows that in-app mobile advertising inventory is set to take over the entire online display ad spend by the end of 2011 (MobileMarketingWatch). According to the article by Mobile Marketing Watch, over 600 thousand apps are available worldwide for more than 350 million Android and iOS devices. The average number of apps per user turns out to be roughly sixty-five, and the number of ads per app-session were shown to be right around 4.3,  according to the apps tracked in the study.

Not only is the mobile internet swamping online ad spend, but it is catching up with  TV advertising as well. Just to clarify, mobile advertising alone isn’t taking over television ad spend – at least, not yet. However, interactive marketing (including online and mobile display advertising) is set to surpass TV marketing spend in the United States within the next five years, according to Forrester Research (Business2Community.com). The same study by Forrester Research also shows that mobile paid advertising and search will continue to skyrocket and are even expected to surpass email advertising as well as social ads this year, which proves what we have been seeing – expansive growth in mobile across all sectors. Companies who have not yet started advertising on the mobile internet should consider doing so in 2012, as the industry will only continue to grow.