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Our experience at Hamburg National Day

September 9th, 2011 by Talya

Earlier this week Heiko Kasper, our new Director of Business Development, spent the day in Hamburg to attend the Mobile National Day event. The focus of the conference was mobile couponing and the publishing world, and most sessions revolved around online and mobile marketing in publishing.

The event itself was somewhat small, but as they say in German, it was “klein aber fein,”  meaning small but nice (unfortunately the phrase doesn’t have quite the same meaning and sound in English, but you get the idea). The event was well-attended though, with roughly one hundred professionals from around Germany participating. The presentations were also interesting, covering the latest trends in couponing in Europe and elsewhere.

Based on this year’s experience, we will likely participate at future Mobile National Days events. Their next conferences will be later this year in London and Salzburg, and will also take place in Prague and Sofia in 2012 (dates are yet to be confirmed). Information on their upcoming events can be found on the Mobile National Days event website.