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Apps World North America

October 28th, 2011 by Talya

We are continuing to stay very busy this fall with several online and marketing events, both familiar and new. Next week our Joe Niederberger, US Business Development Manager, will be in New York for Apps World New York.

The event takes place November 1-2 at the Javits Covention Center, the same place where we will be exhibiting one week later for ad:tech New York. Apps World is an event series for app develepors and marketers with an exhibition, networking, various conference tracks and a developer’s workshop. Over 2500 attendees are expected to be at Apps World this year, with over 100 speakers.

We were at Apps World London in 2010 and found the event to be very worthwhile, so we are interested to see what the North American event is like. If you will be attending Apps World and would like to meet up with Joe Niederberger, please contact us and we will get you in touch with him.

Webit Congress Sofia, Bulgaria

October 25th, 2011 by Talya

Our COO and Co-Founder, Jet Patel, is headed to Sofia, Bulgaria this week for the Webit Congress. Over 5,000 visitors from 45 countries are expected to attend the event, which includes seven conference tracks, an exhibition, and networking parties (of course!). The event takes place at the Inter Expo Center in Sofia October 26 & 27. Jet will be attending the exhibition both days and will be meeting with partners. Since this is another new event for us, we are excited to get to check it out and learn more about what is happening in the online marketing industry in Central and Eastern Europe.


Be Connected

October 18th, 2011 by Talya

Next week Sponsormob will be exhibiting at Be Connected, an event for innovative communication held in Frankfurt, Germany. The event is held in conjunction with Voice + IP and the DigitalTouch conference. All three events focus on innovation, customer relationship management, and interaction in digital marketing and communication. The events are all taking place at Messe Frankfurt, and we are looking forward to being a part of it. Mobile is becoming a major channel for companies to interact with their customers, so we are excited to be there.

Our Director of Business Development, Heiko Kasper, will be at the event, as well as Account Manager Nathalie Depix. Anyone who will be at the events and would like to meet with Heiko or Nathalie can send us an email to set up a meeting. We will be at stand HO5 at Be Connected, so be sure to come see us and find out more about mobile advertising with Sponsormob!

Online Marketing Capital Berlin

October 15th, 2011 by Talya

This past week we were a part of OMCap, a conference and networking event for online marketers that took place here in Berlin. We were also sponsors of the event and are pleased to have been a part of it, as it was a great event. Three of us from Sponsormob attended the day-long conferece, and a couple others joined us later in the evening for the event’s networking party.

OMCap was very well-organized and lovely. The location – Kosmos, formerly a famous cinema, was a fantastic location. The conference sessions were interesting. but I would also say that a couple of them were on the rather technical side. I also have to say that the comfortable, cushioned movie-theater seating also made it a bit difficult to concentrate, as they were perhaps too comfortable!

Networking was a main focus of the event, which we really enjoyed. There were lunch and dinner buffets, as well as coffee and cake in the afternoon, and even popcorn in between, so there was more than enough time to stop and mingle and no one went hungry. There was also a party after the dinner, with an open bar and a dj, so the event was one of the most fun we have been to recently. I would say the only problem with the event was not being able to get anyone to join us on the dance floor … Next year we will have to try harder!

Also – pictures of the event can be see on our Facebook page and on Flickr.

Casual Connect Kiev

October 12th, 2011 by Talya

Sponsormob will be on the road again next week to attend the Casual Connect event in Kiev, Ukraine. Joe Niederberger, our Business Development Manager for North America, was at a previous Casual Connect event in Seattle this year and had a great time, so we are very happy to get to participate in another event by the people at Casual Games Association. Our CEO and Co-Founder, Peter Glaeser, will be at Casual Connect in Kiev.

Casual Connect is a leading event for the gaming industry and brings together experts and professionals in the field of casual gaming to discuss the latest in the industry which entertains 200 + million people worldwide. Speaking sessions cover a wide range of topics relevant to gaming, including general industry facts, production and design, platforms and monetization, social and mobile trends, and more. Networking is also a big part of the conference, so of course there is a big networking party each night of the conference, and we here that these parties are a lot of fun.

If you’re interested in attending Casual Connect in Kiev, register on the event’s website (early bird registration ends today). If you are planning to attend and would like to meet with our CEO, Peter Glaeser, who will be at the event, drop me an email and we can set up a time to meet.

Mobile advertising becoming a big mover in travel

October 11th, 2011 by Talya

In case anyone needs further evidence of the growing impact and use of mobile advertising, the travel industry is ramping up its involvement in mobile. MobileMarketingWatch reported today that hotels are beginning to dramatically increase their mobile ad spend. A recent poll shows that half of hotels will be putting marketing funds toward mobile advertising in 2012. Given the growing numbers of smartphone users worldwide, it makes sense to spend money where the people seem to be.

Beyond marketing spend on mobile, various sites and apps are making it easier to consumers to make travel plans and bookings from their mobile devices. Hotels.com has just launched an app that makes booking accomodation faster and simpler for those traveling. The app is free, and also offers customers daily deals as well as last minute bookings, making it easy for consumers to see the latest travel specials (Mobile Commerce Daily). Another app, this one for Android, is Google’s OnTheFly, which enables flight comparison and shopping. The app has recently been updated and now offers flexible date search, letting travelers check out flights within a 35-day time frame. Search history can also be saved for later viewing, making it easy to go back to flights you may want to see again.

These advancements in mobile travel offerings makes it easy for those in the industry to gain new customers via the mobile web, and consumers are given tools to research and book travel on-the-go. This win-win situation is one of the many things we like about mobile!

Big changes at Apple

October 9th, 2011 by Talya

This past week was an eventful one for Apple. In an official announcement on Tuesday, the company introduced its latest and greatest device, the iPhone 4S (TechCrunch). And this was probably a surprise to the many Apple fans who were waiting for what was expected to be the iPhone 5.

Apparently, the phone looks no different than the iPhone 4, but there are several features unique to the new version, including:

  • an 8 megapixel camera (with face detection)
  • dual-core graphics, which are supposed to be seven times faster than the previos phone
  • download speeds roughly double that of the iPhone 4
  • a voice-controlled personal assistant (from Siri, which is now a feature on the new phoneand no longer an app – which is highly disappointing to many owners of other iPhone models, to whom Siri is no longer accessible)
  • the phone is also a “world phone,” meaning it should be able to be used in most countries around the world

Interestingly, the iPhone 4S does not contain NFC (near field communication). NFC, a sort of short range wireless technology which is expected to enable the expansion of mobile payment systems, was another feature many were expecting to see in the newest Apple creation. However, this is something that may end up being added to the next iPhone. With the growing popularity of mobile payments, the company will more than likely add the feature, and we expect it to be sooner rather than later.

Of course, Apple also lost its Co-Founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs, this week. The official cause of death was unknown, but he had battled cancer for years and had also stepped down as CEO earlier this year after a medical leave-of-absense.The death of Steve Jobs is being mourned around the world, and many are rightly calling him the Thomas Edison or Henry Ford of our day. Indeed, with over 300 patents and the world’s most valuable company, he was a brilliant inventor and businessman. His philosphy was to create products that were “the intersection of art and technology,” and in this he was successful indeed.

He will be greatly missed by those who knew and loved him, of course, but also the millions of people worldwide who have been impacted by his life and work. He was a truly unique, prolific person who had a vision and did what it took to see that realized, revolutionizing an entire industry. In keeping with the simple, impacting style which made Apple the success story it is, the company has a memorial page in honor of Steve Jobs.


Sponsormob participating at OMCap in Berlin

October 6th, 2011 by Talya

We are very happy to announce that Sponsormob are official sponsors of next week’s Online Marketing Capital event taking place here in Berlin. OMCap is an online marketing conference and networking event for – you guessed it! – those in online marketing. The conference is a one-day event, with speaker¬†sessions throughout the day as well as a round of speed networking. The event is then wrapped up in the evening with networking drinks as well as dinner and networking party.

Speaking topics at OMCap cover everything from SEO to affiliate marketing, analytics and more. We’re excited to be a part of it, and three of us will be attending the event: Heiko Kasper, our new Director of Business Development, Nathalie Depix, Account Manager, and myself (Talya – Public Relations Manager). We will be at the conference and the networking party afterward, and will be sure to let you know how it goes.

If you are interested in attending Online Marketing Capital, you can register on their website. The event takes place October 13, 2011, at Kosmos in the Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin. Hoping to see you there!