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Big changes at Apple

October 9th, 2011 by Talya

This past week was an eventful one for Apple. In an official announcement on Tuesday, the company introduced its latest and greatest device, the iPhone 4S (TechCrunch). And this was probably a surprise to the many Apple fans who were waiting for what was expected to be the iPhone 5.

Apparently, the phone looks no different than the iPhone 4, but there are several features unique to the new version, including:

  • an 8 megapixel camera (with face detection)
  • dual-core graphics, which are supposed to be seven times faster than the previos phone
  • download speeds roughly double that of the iPhone 4
  • a voice-controlled personal assistant (from Siri, which is now a feature on the new phoneand no longer an app – which is highly disappointing to many owners of other iPhone models, to whom Siri is no longer accessible)
  • the phone is also a “world phone,” meaning it should be able to be used in most countries around the world

Interestingly, the iPhone 4S does not contain NFC (near field communication). NFC, a sort of short range wireless technology which is expected to enable the expansion of mobile payment systems, was another feature many were expecting to see in the newest Apple creation. However, this is something that may end up being added to the next iPhone. With the growing popularity of mobile payments, the company will more than likely add the feature, and we expect it to be sooner rather than later.

Of course, Apple also lost its Co-Founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs, this week. The official cause of death was unknown, but he had battled cancer for years and had also stepped down as CEO earlier this year after a medical leave-of-absense.The death of Steve Jobs is being mourned around the world, and many are rightly calling him the Thomas Edison or Henry Ford of our day. Indeed, with over 300 patents and the world’s most valuable company, he was a brilliant inventor and businessman. His philosphy was to create products that were “the intersection of art and technology,” and in this he was successful indeed.

He will be greatly missed by those who knew and loved him, of course, but also the millions of people worldwide who have been impacted by his life and work. He was a truly unique, prolific person who had a vision and did what it took to see that realized, revolutionizing an entire industry. In keeping with the simple, impacting style which made Apple the success story it is, the company has a memorial page in honor of Steve Jobs.