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Mobile advertising becoming a big mover in travel

October 11th, 2011 by Talya

In case anyone needs further evidence of the growing impact and use of mobile advertising, the travel industry is ramping up its involvement in mobile. MobileMarketingWatch reported today that hotels are beginning to dramatically increase their mobile ad spend. A recent poll shows that half of hotels will be putting marketing funds toward mobile advertising in 2012. Given the growing numbers of smartphone users worldwide, it makes sense to spend money where the people seem to be.

Beyond marketing spend on mobile, various sites and apps are making it easier to consumers to make travel plans and bookings from their mobile devices. Hotels.com has just launched an app that makes booking accomodation faster and simpler for those traveling. The app is free, and also offers customers daily deals as well as last minute bookings, making it easy for consumers to see the latest travel specials (Mobile Commerce Daily). Another app, this one for Android, is Google’s OnTheFly, which enables flight comparison and shopping. The app has recently been updated and now offers flexible date search, letting travelers check out flights within a 35-day time frame. Search history can also be saved for later viewing, making it easy to go back to flights you may want to see again.

These advancements in mobile travel offerings makes it easy for those in the industry to gain new customers via the mobile web, and consumers are given tools to research and book travel on-the-go. This win-win situation is one of the many things we like about mobile!