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Online Marketing Capital Berlin

October 15th, 2011 by Talya

This past week we were a part of OMCap, a conference and networking event for online marketers that took place here in Berlin. We were also sponsors of the event and are pleased to have been a part of it, as it was a great event. Three of us from Sponsormob attended the day-long conferece, and a couple others joined us later in the evening for the event’s networking party.

OMCap was very well-organized and lovely. The location – Kosmos, formerly a famous cinema, was a fantastic location. The conference sessions were interesting. but I would also say that a couple of them were on the rather technical side. I also have to say that the comfortable, cushioned movie-theater seating also made it a bit difficult to concentrate, as they were perhaps too comfortable!

Networking was a main focus of the event, which we really enjoyed. There were lunch and dinner buffets, as well as coffee and cake in the afternoon, and even popcorn in between, so there was more than enough time to stop and mingle and no one went hungry. There was also a party after the dinner, with an open bar and a dj, so the event was one of the most fun we have been to recently. I would say the only problem with the event was not being able to get anyone to join us on the dance floor … Next year we will have to try harder!

Also – pictures of the event can be see on our Facebook page and on Flickr.