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Sponsormob Expands Mobile Advertising Solutions with Real-Time-Bidding

January 5th, 2012 by Talya

Sponsormob, the world’s first mobile CPA network founded in 2006, is beginning 2012 by broadening its performanced-based advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers, including agencies and networks.

The key change to Sponsormob as a solution provider is the addition of the Real-Time-Bidding (RTB) platform from the Publishers side, which enables Sponsormob Advertising partners to benefit from strategic ad-placement and optimization, yielding higher conversions. With Real-Time-Bidding, Sponsormob bids and purchases an ad-impression instantly, placing the relevant ad on the advertising space. The entire process of ad-serving is done automatically, and the result of RTB is that ads are bought on a larger scale from a variety of publishers, saving time and leading to highly optimized ad placement, resulting in increased performance for advertising spend.

Regarding the changes, COO Jet Patel says,  “Since 2006 we successfully branded ourselves as a ‘Mobile CPA Network’ which has served us well. However, as the mobile advertising marketplace has now become very populated and fragmented, we feel a new slogan was required to send a very clear message to Advertisers on our services and the way we deliver conversions. Our new slogan ‘Mobile Conversions. Data Driven. Worldwide’ reflects how we use advanced technology to deliver optimal conversions on a truly global basis using Real-Time Bidding through our Publisher Network. We have invested a great amount of time and resources in perfecting our technology and developing an algorithm to maximize our efficiency to produce results. We are looking forward to 2012 with great optimism – we will continue to grow aggressively and cement our position as a key player within the Mobile Advertising industry.”

With the addition of the RTB platform and advanced technology, Sponsormob simplifies the process for advertisers looking to engage customers on mobile. Potential advertisers can now work with one partner, as Sponsormob effectively runs advertising through, yield optimizers, ad networks, exchanges and affiliates. Working with one qualified advertising partner saves advertisers resources and offers them more effective campaign optimization.