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Sponsormob Benefiting from In-House Tracking System

February 29th, 2012 by Talya

The issue of companies in digital media possessing and benefiting from their own ad-serving and tracking technology has recently been widely discussed. Reliance on third-party software, while somewhat easier on the front end, can result in larger problems down the road. According to Peter Glaeser, CEO of Sponsormob, “Companies need their own tracking software. I would never run an affiliate network without an in-house system.”

Sponsormob is one of the companies in the online advertising business which owns and operates its own technology. Sponsormob’s proprietary mobile advertising technology, which sets its network apart and keeps ads running efficiently, ensures that it is not reliant on another company for ad serving and tracking. While companies with their own technology do experience occasional difficulties, sufficient backup files keep outages and problems under control.

Sponsormob runs the real-time bidding, ad delivery, tracking and reporting as separate software on separate hardware. If there is a database issue with the reporting system the real-time bidding for ads and the tracking of impressions, clicks, and transactions will not be affected. The system continues delivering ads and collecting data and updates the database once it becomes available again.

Servers are load-balanced, so if one piece of hardware stops running for whatever reason the requests will be distributed to the remaining machines. Furthermore, Sponsormob runs its systems on hardware in the United States and Germany. In the unlikely event of a complete outage of one data center the second one can take over.