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MMA Smartgraphic and Mobile Addiction

May 10th, 2012 by Talya

MMA infographic

The MMA (Mobile Marketing Assocation) recently published an interesting and informative infographic about the frequent- and yes, sometimes even addictive – mobile usage of Americans. The ‘smartgraphic,’ titled Who’s Turning You On, shares the results of a survey of the mobile use among Americans, and there are some pretty interesting findings.

Out of those surveyed, nearly half of the users never turn off their mobile devices. Two thirds of respondents sleep with their mobile phones in or near their bed (guilty). Half of them check their phones at least once a night, and nearly 10% check their phones five times a night.

Perhaps the most interesting – or disturbing, depending on your perspective – findings are that over half of Americans take calls while using the bathroom, and 6% even take calls during sex. One quarter of them admit to being addicted to their phones, which is a bit surprising, as I would tend to think that only true mobile addicts take their phones with them to the bathroom … but who knows?

So yes, once again it is very clear that Americans – and more than likely not only Americans – are becoming wildly attached to their mobile devices. Do you agree? And just to be clear, we are not complaining!