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Half of U.S. mobile users are on the mobile internet

July 10th, 2012 by Talya

Mobile usage graphic

Back in March we wrote about an infographic we’d found showing that 25% of mobile web users in the United States browse the internet from their phones only, never using an actual computer to go online.

A more recent detailed study on mobile usage in the U.S. by the Pew Internet Project reveals similar findings, showing that more than half of mobile phone users in the US now go online via their mobile phones. The graphic above shows this data, with proof of the steady growth of mobile internet and email usage since 2009 (which, according to the study, was when the organization started following the data).

The study also shows that since 88% of American adults own mobile phones, the results is that 49% of all U.S. adults go online using a mobile phone, at least occasionally. This is huge, and again reveals just how massive the mobile web has become. So yes, mobile has indeed arrived, and it is time for advertising spend to catch up with where the people are (more on this in our current YouTube video about trends in the mobile industry).