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Leading online companies proving continued growth of mobile

August 20th, 2012 by Talya

Executives of leading online companies recently spoke in Boston at the eTail Boston Mobile Shopping Summit about the importance of mobile as a traffic source and as a way to engage customers. The popular US online music site, Pandora shared case studies showing how customers shop online and in-store via mobile. Stats on the number of people who listen to music from Pandora on their mobile phones is also high, with 70% of their traffic coming from mobile devices this year (up from 12% two years ago). Also interesting is that Pandora users spend nearly 7 hours a month interacting with retail and shopping apps.

Online marketplace Etsy also joined the discussion about the importance of mobile in creating dialogue between consumers and brands. Etsy’s mobile site and iOS app were launched last year, and the company now sees 20% of its traffic coming from mobile devices. Many of these users are also accessing the site through social media outlets such as Facebook and Pinterest, so the connection between mobile, social media, and retail is very much there and will continue to expand as more companies reach out to consumers via mobile, since that is where so many people are (don’t forget that one in four mobile users may even be addicted to their mobile phones).

This is more evidence of the benefits of mobile, not only to directly advertise products via the mobile web and apps, but also to engage with current and potential customers. Read more about this on the Mobile Commerce Daily articles about Etsy and Pandora.