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SPLICKY – our demand-side platform (DSP) for mobile

July 4th, 2013 by Peter


Over five years ago Sponsormob launched the first global performance-based network for the mobile advertising channel. That was before Android even existed. Back then mobile advertising was dominated mostly by lead offers and the number of advertisers looking for mobile traffic was relatively low.

The mobile advertising landscape has changed. Lead offers are now competing with advertisers looking to promote their mobile applications or local services over the same traffic. Also more and more brands are coming into the mobile game to address audiences that they cannot reach effectively through print, radio, television or even the desktop online world.

The Sponsormob mobile CPA network continues to generate consistent conversions for our advertisers and great payouts for our affiliates. But you may have noticed that it’s become a little quiet around Sponsormob in the past six months. We took the time to step back a little bit and create a new product to address the ever-changing needs of our advertisers.

In the next weeks we will be launching SPLICKY, our demand-side platform (DSP) for the mobile channel. It is targeted not only at direct advertisers but also agencies and affiliate marketers wishing run their mobile campaigns while maintaining full control over their budget and traffic sources.

Splicky is a pay-as-you-go system, you will be very familiar with the set-up process. You create an account, upload funds, create your campaigns, and you are live. Clients with consistent larger budgets also have access to managed services through one of our licensed vendors.

We are operating Splicky in conjunction with Jaduda, a Berlin-based mobile advertising agency. This partnership allows us to combine our publisher inventory and technical infrastructure with Jaduda’s behavioral targeting capabilities. Every second we process thousands of ad impressions and every single impression receives a customized value based on aggregated trends and personalized behavioral data in real-time. We are processing seriously big data using 100% in-house technology.

You are welcome to participate in our open beta test starting around mid July. If you are interested please visit splicky.com and pre-register.