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Sponsormob’s Unlimited App Developer Fund and Bonus Payback Plan for Developers

March 22nd, 2011 by Talya

Bonus Payback for Developers

We are excited to launch a new “Unlimited Fund” to help developers worldwide monetize their apps. We are including our “Bonus Payback” scheme and offering it to all developers, allowing them to earn bonus commissions now through April 30, 2012. So for the next year, for every 1€ earned by our developers, we will match that 1€. If they make 1000€, we will give them an extra 1000€ on top, or if they reach 1€ million, their commission will be doubled to 2€ million.

Investment for the future

Our aim is to invest in the brightest developers available to help them grow and monetize their apps through our established CPA network. We are convinced that performance-based mobile advertising is the future, and we want to lower the barrier to entry for all developers to be able to work in this model. New and potential developers should look no further than Sponsormob as their premier partner!

How does it work?

Our Bonus Payback performance model:

  • Earn 100€ + 100€
  • Earn 1,000€ + bonus 1,000€
  • Earn 100,000€ + bonus 100,000€
  • Earn 1,000,000€ + bonus 1,000,000€

Advantages of the Sponsormob App Developer Fund and CPA Advertising

With our CPA model, you will earn a share of the profits generated with the advertiser. CPA/CPL offers will earn you higher payouts as compared to CPC. Our bonus payment model ensures that developers will earn even more revenue for the next twelve months.

With Sponsormob, you will have full control over ads being displayed in your apps and there is 100% visibility on running campaigns. Full analytics are also available for our developers, who can view revenue sources by country, carrier, device, app and ad.

Real-time reporting, marketing material, and offers that are ready and available are all part of our network. We also guarantee support.

Who is Eligible?

Our Unlimited Developer Fund and Bonus Payback program is available to all developers, including small, medium, and large software companies. Agencies do not qualify for the Bonus Payback scheme, as only revenues from apps qualify. We welcome all developers to apply with us.

How do I enter the Unlimited App Developer Fund?

Simply sign up with an account to integrate our SDK.

When do I get paid?

Commissions will be paid out the beginning of each month, as soon as you have accrued 100€ (including your bonus) in your account.

How long does the offer last?

The Bonus Payback offer ends April 30, 2012,

Which platforms are available?

Currently our SDK is only available for iOS, but we will be including Android in the near future.

To sign up as a developer with Sponsormob, please visit our developer sign up page. For more information please contact Verena Witkowski (verena@sponsormob.com).

OfferMobi the first CPA network?

November 25th, 2010 by Talya

OfferMobi claims to be the first CPA network for the mobile web, as well as the first US-based CPA network. To be fair, Offermobi seems to say the latter more often than the former, but on the about page on their corporate website, it says that Offermobi is “the first affiliate network for the mobile web”. This is also mentioned on other sites I have seen, such as AffiliatePaying.

But this is not likely. The network was formed fairly recently, in April of this year, 2010. Linkshare has already been doing this for some time (I believe since 1996, according to the company’s LinkedIn profile but you can’t really find this information on LinkShare’s website).  Additionally, we at Sponsormob have been active as a mobile CPA network since 2007, and others have been around longer as well. Another network, Mobpartner, was also already in operation before OfferMobi hit the scene.

As far as Offermobi’s other claim of being the first CPA network for mobile based in the United States, there is actually some truth to that. But from what we can tell, OfferMobi does not have its own tracking technology, which is a key element for an affiliate network.

But Offermobi is not the only one out there claiming to be something they may not actually be. Mobpartner, based in France, also claims to be the first network for mobile. Their website’s about page tells us that their company, Texomobile, was founded in 2005. If true, this means that they are older than all of us and therefore the senior members of the mobile network club.

However, the domain history for Mobpartner.com shows that it has only been in use since 2007, which is two years after the date which they claim to have been founded (we checked our own domain history to be sure that the records were accurate –  and the dates we found did correspond with the start of our company). Considering that we are all in online marketing, where it is difficult to operate without a live website, we’ll let you fill in the blanks as to what that might possibly mean about when Mobpartner actually became operational.

In short, all of us in the early stages of mobile marketing want to be able to claim that we were the first network for mobile. It’s human nature to want to be first, and that’s ok. But let’s not stretch the truth to make us sound more impressive than we actually are. Instead of being worried about being the first to get in on the action, we should be more focused on being or becoming the best network for mobile. And really, as long as you are making your publishers and your advertisers more successful, does it really matter who was the first to get into this business? We don’t think so.

But that won’t stop us from reaching for excellence and giving the occasional reminder that we were actually the first CPA network for the mobile web! 😉

How many leads/sales can Sponsormob generate?

September 29th, 2010 by Talya

(photo by dreamstime)

The number of sales that can be generated by a mobile campaign varies greatly from campaign to campaign and depends on a more than one factor, including: the product itself, how easy it is to purchase the product or download from a mobile site, and the like.

What we at Sponsormob can do is connect the right kinds of users to the advertisers’ products. What we can’t do is guarantee a certain number of sales for a company.

We do offer to run a test campaign to see what sort of results can be expected. Advertisers can then decide whether a campaign will likely be successful and move forward with us from there.

In any case, with our CPA model, money is paid only for successful leads or sales, and there is rarely money that is required up front. This means that there is minimal risk involved for the advertiser.

What makes Sponsormob unique?

September 8th, 2010 by Talya

Out of all the affiliate networks out there, what makes us special? One of the main differences between us and traditional affiliate networks is that we operate on a CPA basis. In traditional affiliate networks, there is a direct relationship between the advertiser and the publisher, or affiliate. In such networks, an advertiser applies for a specific program and must be approved by the affiliate. In CPA, there is no direct contact between the affiliate and the advertiser. We connect the two. The benefit of this type of arrangement is that affiliates do not have to apply for individual campaigns. Once an affiliate is approved, they have instant access to all campaigns.

Another way we are unique is our targeting systems. We can target by mobile device, carrier, operating system, and location, and this gives advertisers the opportunity to target specific users. This way ads are used in a focused manner, so that they are located where they will be the most effective.

Curious or need more info? Post a comment or feel free to email me directly – talya@sponsormob.com.

Interview at ad:tech San Francisco 2010

May 10th, 2010 by Peter

We would like to invite to listen to an interview with us at the recent ad:tech San Francisco. WebmasterRadio asked us about mobile cost-per-acquisition advertising and download tracking for iPhone apps.

Listen: Sponsormob on WebmasterRadio.fm